Mixser 12m3 Properties
Outer Width 2450mm
Chassis Length 7400mm
Chassis Width 1380mm
Pleat Height 1250mm
Nominal Capacity 12 m3
Geometric Volume 19.628m3
Capacity 12.304m3
Boiler Speed 0-14 Dev/dak
Filling Capacity 10'' /m3
Discharge Capacity 10'' -40'' /m3 ( Depending on the concrete type )
Boiler Carrier Rollers 2 Pieces 280mm Diameter
Mixser 12m3

Technical Characteristics

Made of S690 high strength steel. Available for transportation within all kind of capacity. Perforated intermediate frames opened in plasma and extra-powerful mixer frame

BEY TREYLER AX’S brand axle each one has 3 X 12 tons capacity SKF, TIMKEN, ZVZ bearing. 140X140X12 mm2 sliced ST-52 rolled shape barrel.

Axle Lifting
Front axle lifting system operated from towing truck is used and two nodes bellow

6 385/65R/22,5 tubeless tires Continental-Pirelli-Bridgestone 11.75-22.5 pilot rim (Jantaş-Jantsa)

Brake System
Automatic load adjusting valve and bypass filtered multiple line braking system 4S / 2M EBS + RSS (WABCO-KNORR) system. Cornering safety system. Automatic brake ratchets.

Air suspension system

Trailer Legs
Parking legs with mechanical 2 speed stage and 24000 kg transportation capacity.

Electricity Installation
24 V electricity installation in accordance with EU rules, multi-layered stop lights on trailer including fog light and reverse gear light. On front board 2 electricity connector (24 N/24S) and 1

King Pin
Bolted from below with diameter of (50.8)mm “ 2” in compliance with SAE standards, CE certificated.

Standard Accessories
6 full wheel houses, 1 fire extinguisher cabinet, 1 wheel mount.

After special sanding, 2 times primer and 2 ties acrylic finishing paint in accordance with rale code is exercised. (FRAME AND UPPER STRUCTURE RALE….)

Upper Structure
Boiler surface is made of 4 mm 30 MN B5 incorrodible steel – HB 200-220 N/mm2
Mixer knives are made of 4 mm 30 MN B5 incorrodible steel – HB 200-220 N/mm

Upper Structure Options
-Lt555 Telecopic Discharge Chute
-Dopant tank
-Vibrator on discharge chute
-Hydraulic system semi ecological cover
-Hydraulic system full ecological cover
-Manometer located at rear with 75 mm diameter
- Manometer located at rear with 100 mm diameter
-Water connection to both sides
-Discharge chute closing cap
-Additional valve to close water tank
-Rear warning light
-650 l aluminum water tank
-Cab internal control