Tub Dumper Over Lorry Properties
M3 18m3
Inner Length 5500 mm
Inner Width 2200 mm
Inner Height 1300 mm
Tub Dumper Over Lorry

Technical Characteristics

Made of high strength steel. Welded with automatic submerged welding robot after operated in laser and plasma bench. Available for transportation with all kind of load and road conditions.

Frame Equipments
With 24 tons transportation capacity, telescopic legs bolted from below in compliance with SAE standards “king-pin 385/65/22.5 standardized tires and rims

Upper Structure
It is produced with400-450 Brinell Incorrodible Steel.

Dumper Piston
5 stage 5700 Heavy type. Telescopic system +3000 light type.

Axle and Suspension System
Drum-type double scissor axles are used, every of them has 12 tons transportation capacity, drum is YEKSAN brand.

Pump System
40-87 pump, nodular cast iron. Transmission pump is akople system.

Standard Accessories
1 water tank, fire extinguisher cabinet, rear warning reflectors sign and warning boards, vehicle introduction labels.

Technical Drawing