165th 'CNG Carrıer

Technical Characteristics


  • All kruv, te, valve valve and pıpes 316 materials manufacturing titanium stainless alloy
  • Ringed joints, boring lok double triple poınt system securıty system ıs equipped wıth anti-leak.
  • Every effort 33. A value of 3 pcs, 15 pcs a total vehicle preventive safety valve pressure drop
  • 33. A value of the system output each bundle 316 tıtanıum alloy ball valve manufacturıng materıall
  • Installation only all components is suffering for failure disassambled or the ability ease of staff change is provided
  • In 160 mm 400 bar dry box filling materials made stainless steel gauge
  • In filling the box manufactured home off the needle valve stainless 316ll
  • In filling the box 316l stainless steel ball valve has been put
  • Home piping systems used in diameter 25 mm in the (316 titanium alloy) stainless steel manufacturıng
  • Piping systems tank connectıon with attachments 10mm diameter anti-vibration 316 l stainlees pipe design
  • Piping systems used in diameter 10 mm in fast filling available through pipes. (equivalent this is mm diameter 6)

  • 33 X 5 = 165 Pcs 150 Lt Tube Assembly
  • 5158  M3 Cng Capacıty
  • 40.125 Kg Weight Scales in The Legal Limits İs. (+ - 1% tolerance)
  • Blank Trailer Weıght 28.500 Kg
  • 3 piece walking paths was made. walking path to each staff ladder was placed.
  • Each bundle, fireproof name will be closed wıth certıfıed brenda.
  • Steel construction materials din s355mc are made.
  • En 13 807 standard certified product adr in compliance certificate pi.

Technical Drawing